20 Customer Service KPIs You Need To Know

6 KPI’s en statistieken voor klantenservice voor 2023 en daarna

customer support kpis

This way right agents will catch the right conversation and resolve the client’s question faster. Customers are more likely to stay with you when you’ve established a strong relationship with them. Listen to your customers on social media and work on complaints — people love when brands hear them.

Data loss can lead to significant gaps in understanding and evaluating KPIs. Beyond numerical KPIs, invest time in analyzing open-ended feedback or call transcripts. This will help you understand the nuances and context behind the numbers. Identifying recurring themes or frequent queries can guide proactive communication strategies, potentially preventing issues even before they arise. Data from different sources or channels might be aggregated into a centralized database or data warehouse.

How to make product improvements to existing products

This could be a sign that one of them deserves a raise and the other probably needs to have a chat with you. Obviously, you should look at these results in the context of other customer service measurements. This metric shows you how many messages and customer inquiries each member of your customer service team is handling. This means that a helpful customer service team can earn a high CSAT score even if customers needed assistance with overcoming some difficulties. On the CES is not biased by how happy the customer was before contacting customer service, while CSAT may be influenced by this factor. With the help of customer service metrics, you can get a clear picture of what’s working and what’s not.

The number of tickets should display in your customer service software. However, you should consider using a solution with a built-in ticketing system to automate this process. Meeting modern customer expectations is getting harder to do; people expect quick, convenient high-quality resolutions on their terms. Twenty-three percent have reported that customer service has grown slightly or significantly worse. Customer service has one of the highest attrition rates of any industry. Take frequent employee surveys, have 1-on-1 check-ins and encourage open communication to understand your employee satisfaction.

How to improve it

It provides a good indication of your team’s efficiency in resolving customer requests. Measuring this customer service KPI helps to implement the right strategies to deliver real time proactive support to clients and improve their experience. Adding the service metric to your scorecard helps you spot if this is happening, so you can find out what’s holding your agents up. It is an inevitable fact that support costs can be managed by a well trained team and adjusting the staffing schedule according to your business needs. When you measure this customer service metric over time and analyze how your trend is – if the percentage is unusually high, it is suggested to find out the key reasons and plan strategies.

customer support kpis

“If you can not measure it, you can not improve it,” said Scottish scientist William Thomson. This adage underscores the relevance of establishing and applying KPIs in any organization regardless of its nature. These identifiers are flexible enough to encapsulate many of the major areas of a department like customer support. For instance, you can measure a KPI like service time and match it with the rate of satisfied customers within a given timeframe.

AI-powered UI (aka “Return of the Chat”)

Stay on top of unresolved requests in your helpdesk software by snoozing a conversation for the exact amount of time you need. Number of conversations is directly correlated to the visibility and clarity of your knowledge base. Correlate those dates with product issues or changes to understand what happened. Brainstorm ways to get ahead of issues to keep volume more steady in the future. Ticket volume measures the total number of conversations in your support inbox. Each business and each industry is unique and requires different ways to measure success.

Average first response time (FRT) refers to the time between the chat made by the customer and agent responses. Higher scores from customer service evaluation indicate that your agents are enthusiastic about attending customers. Delay in the response time might result in customers leaving your website. 59% of customers are more likely to buy when brands answer their queries in under a minute. Getting connected to an agent immediately definitely helps to improve the customer experience. Typically after an experience with support staff, customers are encouraged to fill out a survey based on their experience.

This KPI can be used to measure the ability of the support department in answering requests in due time. If your company has a high abandonment rate, it can mean long queue times or complicated entry processes, which can lead to poor customer satisfaction rates in the long run. To avoid this, you can track this rate on a weekly basis and dig deeper into the weeks where it was higher.

Omnichannel means that your customers will be able to connect you and make a purchase through different channels, not only from the website. This is especially important for B2C businesses, as omnichannel helps clients interact through different platforms. This way you will have a chance to return them or prevent such cases in the future, and reduce your churn rate. It’s said that 77% of customers appreciate companies that ask them for feedback.

Just like First Reply Time, this support metric is important because it has a huge impact on the customer experience. You can also use a weighted average, which gives more weight to responses from customers who had a recent interaction with customer service. This is because their feedback is more relevant and indicative of current happiness levels.

customer support kpis

Finally, with its flexible pricing plans, the system attracts users from businesses of any size. IT service desk software Freshservice is a powerful solution designed for the needs of small businesses and enterprises. It features standard modules for ticket management, CMDB and knowledge base, and advanced modules for change, incident and problem management. It provides a scalable, robust way to manage IT service requests and assets.

This will be much easier for them to find an answer to the client question and give a brief instruction for the solution to the problem. According to QuestionPro, if your CES is less than 70% (e.g. less than 7 out of 10 had a positive experience with your customer service), there is room for improvement. Customer Effort Score is a KPI metric developed to find out how customers evaluate their experience after they’ve got assistance. Did they have to seek for some additional info to resolve their problem even after an agent sent them instructions?

  • You want to keep it high to make sure your responses are clear and effective right out the gate.
  • Measuring customer service gives you insights on customer satisfaction scores.
  • Notes prevent agents from asking the same question twice and from replying without all the needed information.
  • If customers feel like they’re not getting the help they need from a specific support agent, they may be more likely to escalate their inquiry.

It’s based on users’ willingness to recommend your business to other people on a scale of 0-10. Agents will also be empowered to deliver context-rich solutions that can improve customer satisfaction and business performance KPIs. In fact, every 1% increase in first call resolution sees a 1% rise in CSAT score.

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Tracking tickets per customer can help inform resource allocation through the lens of long-term vs. short-term needs. When you’re tracking the right KPIs, you get an undoctored, objective view of your team’s performance, which increasingly, has an impact on a company’s bottom line. When you establish your customer service KPIs for the year, schedule out biweekly or monthly meetings to go over your dashboards and measure progress. This determines if their team is doing the right thing or they need improvements on the processes.

With the evolution of new customer service trends and technologies, businesses are going omnichannel to deliver better conversational experience. With these insights, businesses can communicate with customers over their preferred channels such as website, phone, email, social media, etc. The NPS customer service metric is widely used as a tool to gauge the loyalty of a company’s customer relationships. It measures your client’s experience and assumes the growth of your business. The above quote effectively addresses the importance of keeping clients happy.


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